Your client. Your sale. Your install.
But we’ll machine everything.

Our business is all about improving efficiencies. A well-made closet or storage system does just that and there's no one better at what we do than us. We've worked hard to set up our own shop and internal systems so that we can create the absolute best and most precise solutions.

We are now working with tradesmen and local handyman, offering them the opportunity to take advantage of our state-of-the-art millshop, our own expertise and even our buying power. Imagine how many more projects you could take on if you didn't have to cut and drill everything yourself? We can machine it to your spec. You pick it up ready for install. Call Marisol Gomez today at (305) 665-1776 to discuss how we can help you improve your own efficiencies, turnaround and end-product.